Auto Smiley Application Turns Your Real Life Smile Into :)

Some people get all >:o when it comes to emoticons, but I think they're pretty B-). This =0 program detects your real life smiles with your webcam and turns them into :)s on your comptuer. :-p, haters.


You can download Auto Smiley for Macs on the project page, and my initial testing found that it worked surprisingly well. Almost too well, in fact—once you have the power of firing off smileys with the slightest grin, it becomes pretty hard to keep a straight face.

Intern Kevin served as my begrudging test subject.

If you're not fed up with emoticons already, Auto Smiley will get you there soon enough. But in the meantime, it'll make your little slice of the internet a slightly (perhaps maddeningly) happier place to be. [Auto Smiley via Make]

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