The great outdoors—an opportunity to enjoy the eternal bond between man and nature. And vast quantities of expertly grilled burgers. The Automatic Chef motorized grilling—I don't even know what to call it, crane?—will complete your next camping trip.

Invented by husband and wife duo Brian and Joni Begotka, dissatisfied with the hassle existing campfire grills, the Automatic Chef's adjustable arm will slowly rotate its 22" grate over your roaring flame, evenly cooking to perfection whatever you've managed to trap or kill (or hotdogs).

Now that I think about it, the Begotkas are right. Grilling over an open flame the traditional way—what are you, some sort of neanderthal brute? Using the battery powered contraption will add a much-needed bit of 21st century flair to your otherwise Stone Age outing, and will free up time for you to kick back with the PlayStation 3 you set up in the tent. [Automatic Chef]
Video courtesy of Automatic Chef