Automato: The Remote-Controlled Butler That Kicks Ass, Takes Names, Dispenses Ketchup

Whirling muscle arms? Check. High-powered squirting mechanism? Check. Pinpoint accuracy? Irrelevant. If you're going to invite the Automato into your home, you need to let it do what it does best: dispense ketchup in the most badass way possible.


And let's not leave out the little Automato, which, in its free time, enjoys spinning donuts while squirting ketchup. And it's stunt squirt at the 1:30 mark is pure class.

Point is this: In the future, I don't need a practical devoces to help make my life easier. BORING. I need ones built on top of RC cars that can excrete condiments with a little razzle dazzle. [Youtube via Reddit]