Avatar 3D Blu-ray Not Coming Until 2011

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While Avatar is coming to DVD/Blu-ray next month, it'll be a completely bare-bones release in 2D. Hope you didn't buy a 3D TV for it just yet!


Avatar is getting its first DVD/Blu-ray release on Earth Day, April 22. There won't be a single bonus feature on there. No trailers, no making-of featurettes, no commentary, nuthin'. Why?

Sources at Fox said the April disc will come without extra features so that all available storage space can be used for the best picture and sound possible.


Hah, OK. Want extras and bonus features? Those will be on a Special Edition dropping in November, maybe with two discs instead, to preserve the "best picture and sound possible?"

Want 3D? Too goddamned bad. It's not coming until some point in 2011. Oh well, it's not like you're crazy enough to buy a first-gen 3D TV before then anyways, right? [Reuters via Consumerist]

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Nice, I'm excited for what the future of Avatar holds. I can deal with Avatar 1 & 2, but I have this lingering feeling Avatar 3 is going to be a grind, and Avatar: Resurrection is going to be completely pointless and obnoxious.