Awesome but Terrible: New PS3 Firmware Does Blu-ray to PSP Transfers

According to PC World, the PS3's firmware version 2.20 will allow it to send standard def copies of Blu-ray movies to PSPs. We covered news of this firmware before, happy the PS3 is getting more advanced Blu-ray support. And we covered these PS3 to PSP transfers in January. But this is the first time we've heard of these features being mentioned within a specific firmware. This is great in principle.


I'm glad they're opening up the Blu monster. But I'm not sure I want to a) wait through the transfer and encode from Blu to PS3 to PSP, although I'm sure the Cell proc will be suited to this task and b) have to start carrying my PSP around. Might be better off just ripping those movies totally DRM free so you can put them on any device. [PC World via PSPUpdates]

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