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Awesome Video Answers Questions About MōVI, Camera Super-Stabilizer

Last month, faces melted with the announcement of the MōVI, a crazy gyro-stabilized camera rig. You remember the GIF, don't you? Of course, people were eager for details on availability. In this entertaining video, Freefly Systems provides a bit of clarity—and a whole lot more.


What's great about this video is that it not only provides information, it shows off the MōVI's capabilities in an organic and fun way. We are led around a large work-room, up, down, and around tables and staircases in one single take, as Ross—a tech dude at Freefly—explains all about their plans for getting the MōVI into the hands of filmmakers. Shipping for pre-orders will start in July, and the price is still a hefty $15,000, with a smaller, cheaper version coming soon. [Vimeo via Vincent LaForet]

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It's good but I feel like the price point is very high. I'll wait because I'm sure cheaper "imitation" rigs will come out in a few months at a more attractive price point.