Awesome Video Compares the Size of Different Planets and Stars in the Universe

If you want to feel small and get a sense for the awesomely overwhelming scale of the universe and all of its planets and stars and empty space, watch this star size comparison video. It starts with our Moon and then sizes up to planets in our solar system in a line up while also looping in other rocky planets and bright stars to show us how we compare (we don’t).

Some of these stars are so ginormous it’s impossible to comprehend but the crazy thing is that no matter how comically huge something gets, there always seems to be something even bigger out there. And if there’s nothing bigger, the vastness of space will make it feel small.

This is a sequel to the famous Star Size Comparison made by the same YouTube user, morn1415, seven years ago. This one is even more spectacular because it visualizes the distance of space in light days and light years so well. The pan at the end makes us realize how much is still out there.

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Having not watched the video yet, I’m assuming it ends with this: