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Baby Groot is just as cute in Lego form

Illustration for article titled Baby Groot is just as cute in Lego form

The internet has given Groot a lot of love since Guardians of the Galaxy hit theatres in August, especially in his little sapling form - but this creation by Lego builders Sean and Steph Mayo might be one of the coolest fan versions yet. Who knew that so many 1-stud cylinders could create something so wonderful?


The two builders created the little Groot as a commission for Lego Youtubers Beyond the Brick, as part of a 24-hour livestream for Charity they ran over the weekend (man, 24 hours of Lego building? I'd be down for that!). There's been plenty of fabulous Lego Groot creations out there since the movie came out, but this one is definitely up there as one of the best, with a creative use of Lego (especially the green bendy tubes used to recreate Groot's foliage and moss) that gives the build great accuracy to the Groot from the end of the movie.

I know there were good reasons we've not had an Official Dancing Groot yet, but what I wouldn't give for a little set from Lego to build a Groot for my desk. That might even be better than an actual replica or toy! You can check out more of Sean and Steph's Lego creations on their Flickr page.


[via The Brothers Brick]

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Kind of puts the 'official' version to shame…