Back of the Box - 10/05/2014

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September is over, and the spooky month of October is under way - time to reset the clock and start all over again for Recruit program Month 2! Let's take a glance back at a week of endings and beginnings in all things Pop culture.

It's been harder to gauge stats for me as October started up in the middle of a week, but by my reckoning, Toybox ended September with 454k US people, well over target. Hooray! As of yesterday, factoring in the first 4 days of October however, so far we're at 478k US people. I'm still completely dumbstruck with all your support - and as always, you have my deepest thanks. It's not me that makes Toybox great, its your excellent comments (also, your ability to be my spell checker, something I need frequently!).

However, it turns out that Quantcast works differently to how I'd assumed in September, and the number for Monthly people it gives is essentially an average for the last month of activity. Basically, now Toybox is currently hitting the 300k average (well above it, surprisingly), it's just a case of maintaining that figure over the next two month - I don't have to raise that figure by another 300k each month as I'd first thought, just maintain it above or around 300k. Phew. Let's get cracking for October then!


There was a gamut of topics in the last week that we took a look at, with everything from the lighthearted zaniness of bizarre fast food movie tie-ins to more serious matters like DC's latest slip-up with its female fanbase. There were Pumpkins, wild Star Wars theories, Spiders, and of course, lots and lots of lovely toys. Here's the highlights of last week's coverage.

The Best of The Best

A veritable handful of Toybox's features and biggest stories of the week.

And The Best of The Rest

Not every Toybox story gets to grace the front pages of io9. Here's a few things you might have missed.

The only way to get it all though? Keep your eyes on Toybox.

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Not sure if you covered this, but what happens at the end of the recruit period? I assume you get knighted and your choice of unicorn or pegasus to ride.

Or cake. You probably get cake at one point.