Back to the Future DeLorean Flux Capacitor on eBay

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If you've got a DeLorean and a few extra hundred bucks lying around, get your bad self over to eBay and bid on this gorgeous flux capacitor. The seller/builder used real glass tubes, accurate to the one that appeared in Back to the Future and long out of production (i.e. rare), and the gold bases were machined out of aluminum to match the movie prop. It plugs into any car battery and is guaranteed to fit into a DeLorean. Oh, and there are no nasty strobe lights in this baby, only white LEDs that chase to the center.

The highest bid out of 46 so far is $450.00, with two days and twelve hours to go. If you're broke or just cheap, you can always just make your own, but we doubt it'll be this pretty.

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