You still can’t actually ride them, but Kids Logic is the first toymaker that can legitimately claim to sell floating hoverboards—even if they’re one-sixth the size of the real thing, and only work over a special magnetic pad.


Recently revealed at Kids Logic’s booth at the Ani-Com and Games convention in Hong Kong, the hoverboards, available in five different styles, are joined by a light-up miniature version of the DeLorean that’s also able to float over the same magnetic pad.

Looking at the prototype there appears to be a lot of plastic used in this version of the Back to the Future II DeLorean, especially when compared to the upcoming Hot Wheels Elite version. But that’s probably just a materials trade-off to help keep the model lightweight so that it can actually float.

Kids Logic is currently accepting pre-orders for the new toys, but there doesn’t appear to be any details about pricing or specific availability just yet. However, with the holidays just around the corner, you can probably expect them to arrive in the coming months. [Facebook - Kids Logic via Toyark]


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