Bad Movie Fans Rejoice: Netflix Might Get an Incognito Mode

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Good news for people with horrible taste in movies: Netflix is testing out a private viewing feature. Now the only ones aware of your affinity for Jungle 2 Jungle will be you and your crippling shame.


Currently, whenever you watch a movie on Netflix, you're doing so with the knowledge that both your Facebook friends and the 237 people with whom you share a password are getting full disclosure. Sure, you can turn off Facebook and cut off your friends, but the movies you're watching are still showing up in your history logs. But as a Netflix spokesman told Gigaom, that may soon change:

"At Netflix we continuously test new things. In this case, we are testing a feature in which a user watching a movie or TV show can choose to view in "Privacy Mode." Choosing that option means the program will not appear in your viewing activity log, nor will it be used to determine recommendations about what you should watch in the future."

In other words, you're 100% off the hook.

Of course, Netflix is still just testing this feature with a select few, so who knows if we'll ever see it go all the way to mass market. But at the very least, it's a glimmer of hope for all you Troll 2 diehards out there. [GigaOm]

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why would anyone have their Netflix connected with their Facebook? That is so unecessary