Ballmer on WebKit: "We May Look at That"

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I kinda feel like Steve Ballmer's biographer lately, but whenever the guy opens his mouth (which is a lot) something interesting always spills out. When talking about why it's worth still spending tons of money on Internet Explorer when open source browsers are more nimble in responding to changing web standards, Ballmer said that while "there will still be a lot of proprietary innovation in the browser itself... open source is interesting." He continued "Apple has embraced Webkit and we may look at that, but we will continue to build extensions for IE 8." Ballmer not trashing open source? Or anything at all? In the span of several sentence? Whoooa. It sounds like something between a throwaway line and a more significant proclamation. In other words, don't expect Internet Explorer 9 to use WebKit, but it sounds like Ballmer's looking at open source at least a little bit differently than he used to. And hell, maybe one day we will see WebKit in Internet Explorer. [Cnet]


"Apple has embraced Webkit"

So that's why Safari is nothing but a big POS and all my Mac users use Firefox. Now I get it.