Ballmer Talks iPhone SDK, Screams Again

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After dismissing the iPhone as "silly" last year (just to see it crushing Windows Mobile's market share a few days ago,) The Other Steve spilt his thoughts on the iPhone announcement yesterday, all during the Mix'08 keynote with Guy Kawasaki. Ballmer touched on Adobe-Flash-wannabe Silverlight on the iPhone, Apple's cut on iPhone's application distribution and Apple's ActiveSync license. All good, until he reprised his chimptastic "developers, developers, developers" screams, which got caught on (YES!) video:


• They like the idea of being in the iPhone with Silverlight instead of Flash: "Silverlight for the iPhone is of course interesting," he said. "I can't say there's been extensive discussion with Guy's old boss [Steve Jobs]."

• Far from being non-profit, he accused Apple to take a too-large slice off the developer: "grabbing 30 percent of every bit of revenue, it's a good business if you can make it."

• This model may limit the royalty free distribution of Silverlight: He failed to notice that 30% of zero dollars is zero dollars.

• The Exchange connection was not a surprise for Microsoft: "We've licensed ActiveSync for a while. That's been an option that's been available to Apple. It was certainly an option we knew Apple might take advantage of."

• The scream reprisal is not a joke, as this video shows.

On his defense, someone asked him to do it. Actually, forget about the defense. No wonder Bill is divorcing him. [Georg Holzer via ISS via Cnet]




@majortom1981: "I dont belive the numbers about the iphone. Come to long island all you see is smart phones with windows mobile on them. Heck if I only surveyed windows mobile people I can come up with an article stating more people use smart phones. (read the link it was a survey done by a company that had the numebrs)."

Come closer to civilization, and this non-existent iPhone tune changes dramatically. Long Island. LOL

"Its more about being hipp also because a smart pphone can do everything an iphone can do while being up to $300 cheaper in some cases"

Those smartphones that are $300 cheaper are also subsidized. Not everyone gets these big fat discounts though. An HTC purchased through T-Mobile is $500 if you don't qualify for the rebate.