Ballmer Yelled His Email Address at Ballmeriffic Clippers Event

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The former Microsoft head-honcho and now owner of the Los Angles Clippers sportsball club took to the stage for the first time since dropping $2 billion on the team. There was fanfare! There was Ballmer Yelling™! Personal contact information was revealed! Wait what?

According to multiple sources, Steve Ballmer revealed his email address so that fans of the Clippers could get in touch with suggestions about things like the food quality at concession stands in the Staples Center, and whether they think Blake Griffin should ever EVER be on the bench.


Where do you reach him? Does it work? We have no idea. Come on Steve. Do you really want to get on a bunch of spam email lists? Keep your email hushy hushy.

Mostly, I just feel bad for the tragic soul that has to field correspondence from fans on Ballmer's behalf. But maybe Ballmer will take a cue from Steve Jobs and make a habit of responding to grievances every once in a while himself.