Bandai's Figuarts Hulkbuster Is Insanely Awesome

They’ve teased it for a very long time, but it’s finally here: Bandai have revealed their Figuarts Hulkbuster, and they’ve really pushed the boat out.

Scaled in line with the other Avengers: Age of Ultron Figuarts, the Hulkbuster stands at around 10 inches tall, and is packed with the amount of crazy hyper-articulation you’d expect from a Figuarts, with even moving/folding bits of armour to accommodate posing the Hulkbuster ready to punch Hulk right in the kisser, or let off a repulsor blast.


But on top of the crazy articulation, there’s also a bunch of LED’s to light up the chest, legs and eyes of the figure, and even diecast metal pieces for the gold highlights to make the figure look even shinier.

There have been a lot of awesome Hulkbuster toys out there, but with the crazy detail and the articulation this one could even rival Hot Toys for the best Hulkbuster toy title. It’s certainly an impressive looking figure.


Alas, the impressive looks come with an impressive price tag too: When preorders go live next week in Japan, the Figuarts Hulkbuster will set you back a whopping 34,560 yen, or $285. Jesus christ, that’s a lot of money for a (admittedly fantastic-looking) toy.


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