Bandai have recently turned their Model Kit hands to the world of Star Wars, giving us snap-together kits of Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper - but now they've revealed the next in the line, and there some rather lovely renditions of R2-D2 and the unfortunately explodey R5-D4.

Bandai's model kits are in the 6 inch scale — bringing them in line with Hasbro's own Star Wars Black Series figures — so while this isn't the first time R2 has been part of the scale, it's the first time we've seen R5. Hooray for more droids!


The fully poseable figures both come with their own little base as well as a host of accessories and features to equip them with, like R2's little buzzsaw attachment or his little computer jack. They can even retract their middle legs too! Part of the fun of kits like these isn't necessarily just getting the figure but the way you have to put them together (anyone's who's fiddled with Bandai's Gunpla models will know that even the simplest looking figure can have a lot of fiddly bits to mess with during construction), but it helps that they look so good while they're doing it, too.

It's almost a shame R5 doesn't come with something to recreate his bad motivator exploding. I mean, he blows up, that's his thing! Poor show, Bandai.


R2 and R5 are currently due for release at the end of the month in Japan, where they'll set you back 2,592 yen, or around $21.

[The Fwoosh]

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