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Virtual reality sometimes seems like magic. President Obama certainly seemed to think so this morning.

Obama is at the Hannover Messe industrial trade fair in Germany today, where he donned a set of VR googles alongside German Chancellor Angela Merkel. And my, what fun they had.


You can imagine how the conversation may have played out.

“Angela, have you tried these goggles? They are the shit.”

“Look, look Angela—there’s a virtual hand in front of my face!”

“No, Barack, you are confused. That is your own hand.”


“Oh. Dammit. Well, you should try them anyway.”

“... really?”


“Barack, Barack! There’s a hand in front of my face!”

[Quietly] “Shhh, lady just behind us, don’t tell her it’s my hand...


“Hahahahahaha. Let’s all buy an Oculus Rift for our teleconferences.”



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