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Basically, On The Tomorrow People Stephen Is Everyone's Bitch

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The most memorable scene in last night's episode of The Tomorrow People involved Hillary, the vaguely piss-and-vinegar-y Ultra agent, telling Stephen that he has to be her bitch because he lost a bet. This lacks a certain impact, because Stephen is already everybody's bitch.

Spoilers ahead...

The basic concept of The Tomorrow People is that certain mutants have enhanced mental abilities, including telepathy, telekinesis and teleportation, but there's a trade-off. The mental abilities come with an increased suggestibility, such that these super-mutants believe anything that anybody tells them. In fact, the more powerful the mutant, the more gullible he or she becomes.


Hence Stephen, who has spent the past few episodes bouncing back and forth between different people, like a pinball, believing whatever they say until he ricochets into another contradiction. The Founder and Jedikiah have each been trying to play Stephen against the other, and first he tried to kill the Founder for Jedikiah but now he believes the Founder is nice and he hates Jedikiah.

So in this episode, the Founder is laying it on pretty thick, claiming to have turned over a new leaf and started to help the other mutants instead of imprisoning them and experimenting on them and stripping them of their powers. And Hillary, who used to be like "rah rah death squads" is thrilled that she gets to be nice. But meanwhile, Jedikiah goes off the rails trying to win Stephen back to his side, including telling Luka the truth about Stephen's superpowers. (And Luka is like, whatever. I have basketball practice, brah.)


Oh, and there's a "breakout of the week" who's a stage magician, and the Tomorrow People save him from Ultra mostly because Cara wants to keep tabs on Stephen because she's worried he's been drinking the Ultra Kool-Aid instead of her Kool-Aid like he's supposed to. And Cara telepathically spies on Stephen being Hillary's bitch (in the continuation of the awesome above scene.)

It all culminates in a bit where Jedikiah shows John Roger's cryogenically suspended, half-dead body, and even though John already knew that the body was there (because Stephen told him, last week) John's brain shuts down and he's like "Of course we have to do whatever Jedikiah says") and he decides to recruit Stephen to help defrost Roger — but meanwhile Stephen is already activating the Founder's doomsday machine, which is clearly marked "DOOMSDAY MACHINE" in giant letters, but Stephen believes the Founder when he says it's a rainbows and puppies machine instead.


Come back next week, when someone tells Stephen that if he stands on one foot for an hour the sky will turn into ice cream, and the entire episode is one big leg cramp.