Bathmat Slippers Prevent Wet Bathroom Tiles

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We don't know about you, but bathmats are a necessity for us to not drench the whole floor of the bathroom when we get out of the shower. This MatWalk bathmat, on the other hand, takes things to an entirely new level by allowing you to wear your bathmat as slippers, essentially protecting the whole bathroom floor instead of just the small are around your shower. $49 may be a lot, but we think it's worth it. But wait a second. One hairy leg...two hairy legs...three hairy legs. What's going on in that picture! [Gnr8 via Green Head via Oh Gizmo via Geekologie]


Ain't nothin wrong with two sets of hairy legs fresh out of the shower! But in the real world I'm thinking one of those sets of legs would be pointing up rather than down.

Honestly, dry off in the shower, then step out. Didn't your mama teach you anything?!