Batman Battles Baddies Forever in LEGO Zoetrope

Here's Batman, the Riddler and Mr. Freeze jumping around in a LEGO version of a zoetrope, a device from the Victorian-era that quickly spinned pictures to animate them. This one uses a turntable and synchronized LED flashes to produce the stroboscopic effect that creates the illusion of moving figures. The author, who is going to feature it at Maker Faire, got his inspiration from this absolutely stunning, large-scale zoetrope that Pixar built for an exhibition at New York's MOMA:

I want the Pixar one, badly, but I wouldn't say no to his home-made zoetrope here. Much humble, but equally charming.


You can get all the details of the construction in his site. [LEGO 3D Zoetrope and VNOG via MAKE]

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