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Batman + Guns / Karate = Gun Kata

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Christian Bale is a master of gun-fu in 2002's Equilibrium. He practices the obscure art of Gun Kata — something apparently invented for this movie — which is sort of like karate crossed with a gunfight from an early Clint Eastwood flick. In this clip, Bale takes down a whole squad of cops who are trying to come between him and a cute puppy. Think we're kidding? In Equilibrium's dark future, all emotions are illegal and Bale is an elite government agent sworn to destroy anything that provokes emotions, including puppies. But one puppy wins Bale's heart. Yes, it's as lame as it sounds. Still, Gun Kata makes up for the rest of the film. Check out the Gun Kata video tutorial below the jump.


Gun Kata is totally scientific and based on the "traditional" trajectories of bullets. If you study this video enough times, you'll be an invincible gun-hand. Says director Kurt Wimmer, of the scene where Bale decides to waste all those cops:

For a man on film, there is no greater moment than the instant when he suddenly gives up everything he knows or thought he ever wanted and starts whipping ass for love or principle.

In other words, just one cute puppy can unleash the pistol-ninja in all of us. If it's cute enough.


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