Batwoman Producer Confirms Kate Is Jewish, But References in the Pilot Were Cut

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Ruby Rose as Kate Kane on CW’s Batwoman.
Ruby Rose as Kate Kane on CW’s Batwoman.
Image: CW (YouTube)

We’ve got a bit of a Schrödinger’s Kate situation going on. Batwoman’s executive producer has confirmed that lead character Kate Kane is Jewish in the CW series, addressing the concern that the show would erase or ignore the DC Comic character’s heritage. However, the producers don’t know when her ancestry will actually come into play, and the pilot’s references to it didn’t make the final cut.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association summer press tour (as reported by TV Line), executive producer Caroline Dries said Kate’s Jewish heritage will likely play a part on the show...just not yet. The debut episode of Batwoman, which premiered at San Diego Comic-Con, originally included a flashback scene with young Kate heading home from her bat mitzvah. Unfortunately, it was cut from the episode, likely for time—something Dries and the others said they regretted.

“Kate Kane is a Jewish woman,” Dries said. “We’re trying to find ways of incorporating that without it being a huge thing.”


Batwoman’s producers didn’t confirm when Kate’s Jewish heritage will factor into the series, only that they want it to happen organically. But TV Line reported that some of actress Ruby Rose’s personal tattoos, notably the ones of crosses, are being altered with makeup.


Some fans still have concerns over whether Rose should be playing a character who is Jewish when she herself is not. There was some backlash after she was cast last year, with some folks in the Jewish community comparing the move to whitewashing. Though up until now, no one was sure if the character’s heritage was being carried over from the comics.

CW’s Batwoman debuts on October 6.

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