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Be Buried In an iPhone, Vista or Boobies-Inspired Coffin

Illustration for article titled Be Buried In an iPhone, Vista or Boobies-Inspired Coffin

A company called Creative Coffins offers a service where you can choose themed caskets designed however you like, leading the nerds at T3 to mock up some interesting ones with the concept. Would you want to be buried in an iPhone casket? A Vista casket? How about GTA4, Halo, or an SNES one with an eject button on the side? If these are too tasteless for you, you could easily design your own and have the company plaster it along the exterior. We'd probably choose the Goatse design as a metaphor for the gaping maw of hell we're undoubtedly headed for after making poop jokes on Giz for more than two years. [T3]


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@Platypus Man: More than likely, Jobs will be cremated, and placed in a very fashionable aluminum tube with perforations on the outer canister, revealing the black anodized inner tube.