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Did you know that Gizmodo has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and a new and improved newsletter? That means you can keep track of all our best stories without lifting a finger. Or with lifting fewer fingers, anyway.


You can sign up for our rad, redesigned newsletter over there on the left where it says "Get Gizmodo in your inbox." We promise not to inundate you with junk—you'll get one email everyday with one great story. No muss, no fuss, just the best of Giz, delivered straight to your (digital) door.

But if newsletters aren't your style, there are other options. We realize that you may be hesitant about becoming a Facebook fan or a Twitter follower because you fear a flood of spam, but you should know that we only post the most interesting stories and breaking news on our Twitter and Facebook pages. So give those fan and follow buttons a click! We hope to see you around the newsletter neighborhood, the Twitterverse, and the Facebook police state soon!

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