London's interactive bar, TwentyFour, promises one thing — if there's a lack of feminine eye-candy, you can always pass the time by staring blankly at the ever-changing walls. The bar combines thousands of LED color combinations with walls that are, in fact, projection screens, creating one of the coolest bars I've ever seen. Apparently, bar-goers can even change and/or add their own images to the ever-changing environment, giving a whole new beauty to urinating on a wall.

The coolest catch is the bar itself — which will summon the bartender when you lay your hand on it. A great idea, except when you've got 60 people surrounding the bar hopelessly pounding on it, it kind of kills the effect. Question is, when is TwentyFour coming here? We'll make better beer, we promise. [TwentyFour via Crave]


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