Because of Microsoft Vista Lameness, Windows XP to Stay On Sale for Five Extra Months

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Poor Microsoft Windows Vista. So many people think it sucks that Microsoft has extended the life of the ancient but stalwart Windows XP, originally scheduled to stop shipping in January 2008. Now the company will extend XP's sales life until the end of June 2008, and will keep those boxes of software flowing to "emerging markets" through June 2010. Of course, Microsoft spokesflacks didn't mention anything about Vista's suckage, instead insisting that "there are some customers who need a little more time to make the switch." Yeah.


We've dipped a toe or two into Vista here and there, and except for its pretty Aero interface it didn't really offer much of an advantage over Windows XP. So we stay nestled in the sturdy, comfortable embrace of XP, the OS on which this post you're reading was written, and which for us has been rock solid since its debut in 2001.

Little did we realize that Vista would be such an unpopular upgrade and lame performer, sales-wise and also in the speed and efficiency department. But we hold out hope that the upcoming SP1 (Service Pack 1), now in private beta, might offer some solace. Come on Microsoft, at least get rid of all those nagging dialog boxes everywhere in Vista. [Information Week]


Broken Machine

@ AEC007 .. agreed. I am using Vista Home Premium on two machines, installed the week it was released, and haven't had any problems AT ALL. The one computer in question is 5-6 year old tech, using a 14yo printer on a 8 year old print server and a 12yo scanner on an 8 year old Adaptec SCSI Host card. Everything works fine - it's good equpiment from good companies who have released Vista drivers.

I don't see what the complaint is.