Because Wearing a Helmet Was Never Fun

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Helmets are safe, not fun. These helmets are safe and fun. Channel your love for bald heads, brains, watermelons, bowling balls, butts, breasts, and more with these ridiculously designed helmets. Can you imagine seeing one of these on the road?

Oh how I wish these were real. Check out the whole lot here (NSFW). [ via BoingBoing]

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Steezy McFresh

I had to click the link to see what could possibly be NSFW. The NSFW ones are really random. There's the nipple one where there's a nipple on the left side and the back so we're left to wonder if there's a third nipple on the right side or if there's just two asymmetrical nipples on your head. The butt one has some strange design/tan on the cheek that I can't make out.

Besides the NSFW helmets, the other ones are cool and I would rock a brain helmet if they sold them.