The 10th Doctor could be more than a little maudlin at times - I mean, he was always apologising. But this new figure by Big Chief Studios depicts a startlingly glum looking version of the Time Lord. He's either contemplating a whole universe of tragedy, or wondering if he left the kettle on, it's hard to tell.

Big Chief - who you may remember from this wonderful 12th Doctor 1:6 figure that was maybe the first figure not to completely balls up Peter Capaldi - put this new version of the Tenth Doctor (they'd previously released a brown-suited version) and aside from a spikier haircut more befitting Ten and a blue-suit, this new figure also comes with a different headsculpt, depicting the usually cheery Doctor as someone who looks like he's about to deliver the grimmest portent of doom he possibly could. The vacant eyes, the pursed lips... jeez, Doctor, lighten up!


Part of this is the thousand-yard stare you tend to get with figures anyway - it's not like you can really change that, but even in actiony poses like the one with the Doctor flailing his sonic screwdriver about, the sculpt just looks so unremittingly glum. He doesn't look like he's ready to save the day, he looks like he's about to sit down and tell you about all of his feelings, or the curse of the Time Lords, or how impossibly sorry he is. The poor dear.

Aside from the dourest face to have ever doured, the figure comes with a variety of accessories - a Chameleon Fob Watch, pairs of specs both 3-D (√° la Doomsday) and brainy, some sonic screwdrivers, the psychic paper, and of course, a cavalcade of hands with which to hold said accessories. If you preorder from Big Chief directly, the figure also comes with two bonus little Adipose figures and River Song's diary/future sonic:


At least the Adipose don't look as mopey.

Would you like a spectacularly sad Doctor of your own? You can currently preorder the figure, ahead of an October release, for £180 (that's around $275 - no wonder he looks so glum, he saw his own price tag!), from Big Chief's website.

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