Just look at it. Look at that action figure and try not to hear a pithy remark from the voice of James Spader. This Ultron figure isn’t just amazing-looking, it’s here to snidely judge everything on your desk or toyshelf while doing so!

The 6.7” tall Ultron is remarkably detailed, but where it really shines is in the articulation. 19 points in all are dotted across the robot mastermind’s body, letting you put him in some pretty vivid positions. You can even move his eyeballs around with the help of an included pick, which helps give him a huge amount of personality. And also make him look snide as hell.

Also, this picture is basically Ultron doing a Shoryuken, and I can’t help but love it.


Aside from his ridiculous poseability, Ultron is sparsely accessorised— he comes with a stand to pose him in flying/floating poses, the aforementioned pick for adjusting his eyes, some alternate open hands, and an effect piece to recreate him blasting something out of his fingers.

But seriously, the eyes make this such a personality-fuelled little figure:


“Oh, you’re putting me next to these action figures? How rote”. Never has “look of abject disdain” been a back of the box feature on a figure before, but it should be for this little guy.

Revoltech’s Ultron will be out in Japan in December, and it’ll set you back 5,800 Yen (roughly $48) to nab one for yourself.

[Via The Fwoosh]

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