Behold Tom Hiddleston's shirtless audition for the role of Thor

Before he transformed into the greatest Marvel villain of all, Tom Hiddleston originally auditioned for Chris Hemsworth's role as Thor. And we now have a tiny glimpse of that audition tape — and it is awesome.


The gifs come from the soon-to-be released Thor: The Dark World DVD extras. One of the special features will be Tom Hiddleston's Thor screen test. So now we know what Hiddleston looks like with long blond hair!

My, my, my. The DVD will be out on Feb. 25th — but until then, enjoy this shirtless glimpse.

[via CBM]



The greatest villain of the past decade?!

Loki's like the high school bullies of villains, he talks a big game, does a bunch of bad-yet-kinda-sanitized stuff, and drops like a sack of potatoes when confronted.