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Traveling in first class provides a welcome respite from the huddled masses in coach, but now flight crews have their own private place to escape from passengers in all classes. TIMCO Aerosystems designed this Crew Rest Module for Austrian Airlines that stashes in the plane's cargo hold, providing a quiet place to escape on a long haul flight.


Built and engineered using advanced composites so they're strong, lightweight but also soundproof, the modules were designed to be swapped with a 767's existing cargo container for flights that exceed 11 hours in the air. They can be loaded into the plane's cargo hold in less than 30 minutes, thanks to a design that matches existing containers and the use of quick connects for the electrical, safety and environmental system hookups. However, since most passenger planes don't have an easy way to access the cargo hold from the cabin, they have to be retrofit with a special ladder equipped vestibule making it easier for crew to climb down there. Each unit comfortably sleeps six crew members, including the pilots, though something tells me it won't be long until airlines realize these could be more profitable as private suites for those with deep travel pockets. [TIMCO via Core77]

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