Belkin BreakFree: MacBook MagSafe Cable for Your Guitar

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The BreakFree is Belkin's fix for crazy rockers who can't get through a set without ripping up their amp or guitar's cord jack by flailing around too much. One part of the $20 two-piece kit fits in the axe's cord jack, while the other goes to the cord itself, and you can rock safe knowing that if you make any wild moves the plugs—which don't degrade sound quality—will snap apart without ruining your gear, a la Apple's MagSafe MacBook cable. Super extreme rockers can get another pack to use for the amp as well, but if you're that wacky on stage, you should probably just go wireless. Out in September, press release after the jump.

Belkin BreakFree Protects Your Amps

¶ Easy-to-Use BreakFree Connectors Complement Your Existing Cables with a Magnetic Breakaway Connector

COMPTON, Calif. —(Business Wire)— Jul. 10, 2008 Belkin International, Inc., announces new BreakFree Connectors, which detach under extreme tension, protecting your amplifier or guitar from unexpected damage. BreakFree will provide noise-free dynamic sound without any degradation in audio quality.

Belkin's BreakFree Connectors are designed to eliminate the popping that occurs when cables are accidentally unplugged from a live amplifier. Additionally, for musicians with multiple guitars, the product makes guitar swapping seamless without the hassle of shutting down or putting your amplifier on standby.


— September 2008 in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia

BreakFree (F8Z294) - US: $19.99

— Supports 1/4" TRS plug

— Strong magnet with quick detachment

— Consistent audio quality

— Reduces cable clutter

BreakFree Tips (F8Z293-2) - US: $9.99

— Use with BreakFree Connector

— Two in a pack

— Supports 1/4" TRS plug



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@fallenturtle: Exactly. People loop the cables through the strap for a reason. I have yet to meet anyone that would want this.

Computer nerds designing stuff for guitars is probably a bad idea.