Belkin Switch-to-Mac Cable: How Hodgman Becomes Long

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Switching to a new computer can be difficult, and the process is only exacerbated cross-platform when you need to migrate your data from XP or Vista to OS X. Belkin has responded to the hassle with their Switch-to-Mac Cable, a USB to USB dongle that comes with software tools to automate the transition.


After plugging in their $50 cable, the bundled Migration Assistant automatically transfers music, movies, photos, "files," and Internet preferences from your PC to your Mac. The software then informs you of everything it's moved, in case it didn't discover your super secret collection of John Mayer semi-nudes or poetry exploring how it feels to love a handsome, passionate rock star who doesn't even know you exist.

While the Switch-to-Mac looks promising, also keep in mind that Apple stores will perform this service free of charge with new purchases. You just have to ask nicely. [Belkin]



While Apple often stays away from creating accessories like this, I have to admit that having an Apple created version of this (even if they are secretly purchasing it from Belkin and re-selling it as their own) would be a smart move. I am not certain the number of people that avoid switching to Apple due to the difficulty of getting their Windows stuff over, but this might fill that niche - if it works.

Then again, folks can read Giz and know they can buy it from Belkin. Of course, if they read Giz, they probably know how to do it without spending any money at all.