Ben Heck's Definitive Atari Mod Mega Timeline

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Console modding extraordinaire Ben Heckendorn is up to it again; reminding us that, yes, he is still selling his sexy revision 5.1 Atari handhelds for $350 and a sacrificial 2600. The Atari Rev 5.1 really is his most complete system yet, including built-in paddle controller, difficulty switches and player 2 port for multiplayer games. And it's a mere one inches thick—no small feat when you realize there's an entire vintage console in your hands. All in all, the 5.1 really may be Ben Heckendorn's definitive Atari 2600 project.

So we thought it was about time we looked back on over 18 of Ben Heckendorn's fantastic Atari projects that got him to this point, so we've put together this awesome, spectacular, fantabulous timeline fit for any console modder's wet dream.

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In the seven years since Ben got to work, he has produced some crackers and they are all here for you to see. The initial Atari 2600 VCSp, right through to the Atari rev 5.1 are all here. The evolution is simply amazing, especially when you look at the original projects which were essentially 9/10 sized 2600s in your hands.

So go ahead and give your eyes some candy. We've seen Ben grow from a guy with a hobby to a beautiful butterfly an accomplished designer/modder and we respect that. Drop your words of admiration/jealousy below. From all of us at Gizmodo: Ben, you rock. Party on Wayne, party on Garth. [Ben Heck]

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@LordMaim: He has used the above-screen design in the past mainly because when played outdoors, the cartridges act as a sun visor to keep the display viewable. It's a bit of a visual blight on an otherwise smart looking mod, but the idea behind it I think makes up for it.