Ben Heck's Latest Atari 800 Laptop Could Be His Best Yet

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With the help of a GameCube power supply and the malleable magic hands of master modder Ben Heck, one lucky client can now play Buck Rogers and other classics on a positively portable Atari 800 laptop.


As Ben notes in the video, it's really the vintage Atari keyboard that sells this thing. The clickity clack is unmistakable, soothing and flashback inducing all in one—he even managed to get the thing to pop up at near the same angle as the original!

Some more specs, courtesy Ben's web site:

- Base unit is Atari XEGS motherboard, as usual.
- XE 130 RAM expansion built-in.
- Uses MyIDE circuitry and custom OS ROM to use a 2.5″ PATA hard drive. Very fast! You can check out Mr Atari's site here.
- Large 15″ screen, similar to the C64 laptop but this one is better looking and shinier (obviously important)
- Uses original, new-old-stock Atari 800 keyboard. This is probably the best keyboard in the history of computing, so it was worth including, despite the complications (see story)
- Flush-mount cartridge slot.
- Amazing old-school styling!

Oh, and there's the classic Ballblazer too:

[Ben Heck via Technabob]



I loved "Archon" on the Atari 800. What a great game concept.

EDIT: Holy Crap! It's been ported to the iPhone. []