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Bendable Graphene Batteries Take a Page from Gumby

Illustration for article titled Bendable Graphene Batteries Take a Page from emGumby/em

Researchers at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) may be on the cusp of creating something special: Bendable batteries that could have better performance than their stiff, inflexible cousins.


Made from graphene, these batteries would do well paired up with the flexible OLED displays we've seen teased here and there in recent months.


In fact, coincidentally enough, the KAIST team is also attempting to apply their bendable graphene battery technique to OLED displays and solar cells. The future, how bendy it's become! [RSC via Graphene Info]

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Nice :) . What strikes me the most is that the source article says it's actually "significantly" better than traditional batteries in terms of energy density, life, and cycle life (the number of times it can be recharged before losing storage capacity). If that's true, it's killing two birds with one stone here, and I approve.

-IMP ;) :)