Benghazi Committee Leaks CIA Source Trying to Prove Clinton Emails Could've Led to Leaking CIA Source

When you’re trying to destroy a politician by insisting that their careless email habits endangered national security, it’s best to make sure your own email security practices are on point. House Benghazi Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy learned that the hard way this week.

Gowdy accidentally released the name of a CIA source when he published one of Clinton’s email exchanges in order to highlight how the email exchange contained sensitive information, including the name of the CIA source.

Gowdy had ex-Libyan spy chief and current UK resident Mousa Koussa’s name redacted when he published Clinton’s exchange, to prove that its presence in her emails was a security problem. (Koussa’s cooperation with the CIA is well-known enough that the CIA doesn’t consider the information classified.)


Then Gowdy published the exact information he was trying to spotlight as necessary to keep secret, blaming the State Department for not catching the disclosure, as Politico reports:

Gowdy’s aides blamed the State Department for the disclosure, and the agency acknowledged Monday a “human error” led to a failure to delete a name from the email in question.


I wait with bated breath for the formation of the House Committee investigating the House Committee on Benghazi’s shitty email redaction policies.


Image: AP


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