The suckas at Kohler wanted me to try out their new VibrAcoustic tub today, but I already took a bath this morning. I sent that one bathtubbin' fool in my place, and while I may go Clubber Lang on him for trying to impersonate the T, this tub looks pretty sweet.

The bath brings lights, music and vibrations together to create a relaxing atmosphere. Four presets of new age music and soft lighting are included, but if you can only relax with Public Enemy and flashing strobes like me, everything is adjustable and the tub streams songs from your PC or Mac. One thing that threw off my man Mr. G was the vibration of the tub. Vibrating pulses pass through your body, but they sound much more intense than they feel. Fool thought he was getting a massage, but he was just shaken up a bit at best. Either way, it's a nice way to chill out and get clean. But for $13,000, they could at least install a milk fountain! [Kohler]

Thanks to Sam Mindel for the video help!


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