I Ain't Gettin' In No Rubber Tub, Fool. Oh, Alright, If You Insist

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Just what the hell fool came up with this idea? Let me just put my T-focals on and read you what the blurb says. "A soft tub for the body. For children and adults. For play and healing. In the garden or the stylish bathroom." Healing? HEALING? What kinda fool tub gives you healing??? It gives you cleaning, that's what a tub gives you. It's made of EDPM rubber and cork, and I have a message for the sucka behind the design. Ole Jensen? I think you wear panty hose! [pan-dan via SwissMiss]


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Outside of camping (if it folds up enough), I can see no use for this what so ever. You cant even bath the dog in it for fear he will tear it up. If you lean back, all the water drains out. This is a solution looking for a problem and unless they write MAC on the side, no one will buy it.