BenQ 27-inch M2700HD Monitor Could Make Big Screens Affordable

BenQ used to be a company that made cheap, decent gear. Now they make cheap stuff and slightly more premium stuff. I'm not sure what their first 27-incher will cost when it hits this month, but it might be cheap.

And no matter what, the model should be competitively priced.

The M2700HD is a 27-inch, 16x9 monitor running at 1080P. No straight contract ratio is listed, but the dynamic contrast ratio is 50,000:1, for whatever that's worth. Still, with two HDMI inputs and 10W of virtual surround speakers, the M2700HD is ready to fill the PC or TV niche without too much difficulty. And like I've said like five times now, it might be kinda cheap. [BenQ via Softpedia]


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