If you remember, back in September BenQ canned their German mobile phone division. After months and months of failed attempts of searching for a buyer, BenQ has decided to sell it all on Ebay. Yes, you can own everything from the office plants to computers to furniture and probably a hell of a lot of phones (that may or may not work) if you are the highest bidder. Surely some, young, stupid and rich entrepreneur out there wants to buy it all up and start up a mobile phone manufacturer. This begs the question: what would Gizmodo do with a mobile phone company?


It is obvious what we would do. Owning a failing company like BenQ-Mobile would finally allows us to pursue an invention that has been lingering in our minds for years. BenQ-Mobile would finally allow us to produce the ... Jizzmondo! Remember the Gizmondo? This is that and more. The

Jizzmondo is a touchscreen mobile phone that can do GPS, media playback, Internet, e-mail, toasting, and more. It includes a 600GB hard drive, Bluetooth, push-to-talk and runs off a hybrid Windows VistOS X. It comes in a minimalistic white shell with Apple logos plastered all over it (it's okay, we can afford the lawsuits).

Oh, and did I mention the significance behind the name? Yeah, it will also be a unisex sex toy (think about it). The Jizzmondo will put the RAZR, iPhone, BlackBerry and Treo all to shame. Can any of those phones be crammed in various orifices for pleasure? I think not.

Bankrupt BenQ Mobile Germany assets head for eBay [Reuters]


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