has just posted the leaked Best Buy ad for everyone's favorite post-Thanksgiving thrillfest—freezing your ass off in line to save some cash. We took a quick pass through the list and spotted quite a few good deals. Here are some of the more tempting purchases we spotted:

HP 42" 1080p LCD HDTV


Dynex 32" LCD HDTV


Philips 32" 720p LCD HDTV


JVC 30GB Hard Drive Camcorder


Canon 8MP D-SLR Digital Rebel XT Camera w/75-300mm Canon Zoom Lens + Accessory Kit



Sony Laptop With 1GB RAM And DVD RW 8587772


HBO Full Season TV Show DVD Sets

50% Off

I remember Best Buy's Black Friday from last year as an extreme letdown. But this year there are actually quite a few decent deals going on. Now the question is, just how much is your time/sleep/warmth worth? Oh, and what did we miss from the list?[blackfriday]