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Best Buy Giving Free invisibleSHIELDS To Unhappy iPhone 4 Owners?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Everyone's trying to fix the iPhone 4's attenuation problem! Best Buy is reportedly giving away free invisibleSHIELDs to any unhappy iPhone 4 owner. Meaning you didn't even have to buy your iPhone 4 from Best Buy to take advantage. UPDATED

The free invisibleSHIELD only covers the antenna portion of the iPhone 4 but offers a far more elegant solution than a bulky case or bumper. I'm not sure why Best Buy would offer this (maybe to curb returns?) but free is free. [Engadget]


Update: The deal is real folks! But the free invisibleSHIELD only applies to people who bought their iPhone 4 from Best Buy. That makes more sense. Here's the official word:

This program will be available free of charge, including installation, to anyone who purchased or will purchase an iPhone 4 from Best Buy and will be extended to all existing Reward Zone customers. The solution will also be available to the general public for the retail price $9.99, including installation.


The free invisibleSHIELD offer lasts until August 7th. In addition, anyone can get 20% off iPhone 4 cases at Best Buy until then too.