Best Buy Is Closing 50 Big Box Stores and Opening 100 Mobile Shops

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If you don't think smartphones and tablets are taking over, consider this piece of news: Best Buy is planning on closing 50 of its big box retail stores—locations full of TVs and computers and cameras and audio gear—but will open 100 mobile retail locations—presumably to sell smartphones and iPods and accessories. Is there any doubt what people are spending their money on?


It makes sense, really; HDTVs have matured and aren't "improving" at the same rate they were five or ten years ago. Cameras have melded with smartphones. And laptops are slowly being overtaken by tablets. Will all Best Buys be replaced with an army of smaller stores hawking these products? No. But just like the CDs and Movie sections have shrunken to the point they're almost non-existent, don't be surprised to see less and less of an emphasis placed on the products you'd expect to see in there. [BGR via Engadget]



Yeah, I don't shop much at Best Buy because of Amazon. but a big chunk of the reason is the no-tax loophole that Amazon enjoys. A lot of states (including mine, California) are removing that loophole so this September, Amazon is just another retailer in my eyes. Because if I have to pay tax, I might as well shop the retail store where I can get the object instantly and if I have a problem, get a new product instantly.