Corporate corruption isn't just limited to Fry's Electronics (surprise!); a Best Buy vendor-relations manager was also recently fired for being accused of doing just about the same thing.


Says the Star Tribune:

Robert Paul Bossany, 37, of Prior Lake, was charged with one count each of conspiracy and money laundering after federal authorities said he received cash, checks and gift cards from an unnamed computer-parts supply company he was hired to oversee.

Essentially, a company called Chip Factory charged Best Buy $60 million over four years. The company allegedly gave Robert Paul Bossany "cash, checks and gift cards".


This doesn't seem quite as widespread as the Fry's deal, which covered just about all products the outlet stocked, but it still seems to be bad news for Best Buy shoppers.

We've got more info on Fry's as well, later today. [Star Tribune]

Image Credit Matt Willard