Best Buy to Install More Vending Machines at Top Airports

Illustration for article titled Best Buy to Install More Vending Machines at Top Airports

The Best Buy vending machine at Dallas/Fort Worth airport will be just one of a series of "Best Buy Express" machines, according to new info from Best Buy itself. In partnership with ZoomSystems, Best Buy will install similar machines at Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and San Francisco. So from September 1st you'll be able to buy cellphones, cameras and other digital goodness when you fly from one of these 9 locations. Be careful though: For some reason these machines are really good at tempting you. Maybe it's all the excitement of flying, but I so very nearly bought an iPod from a similar machine last year, and I didn't even need one. [AP News]

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only problem is.. what would oyu charge for a suicide booth..

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Quite a conundrum me thinks!!