Best Buy to Sell LG Chocolate Touch, Samsung Omnia 2 and More Come August 23rd

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One of Boy Genius Report's "most trusted Best Buy moles" snapped a shot of Best Buy's plans for August 23rd. Looks like it'll be a big day in the cellphone world, with a number of anticipated featurephones hitting the shelves.

Mostly new Verizon and AT&T featurephone offerings, Best Buy will also have a new shipment of BlackBerry Tours and the Samsung Reclaim, both for Sprint. Check out the list below.

* Samsung Gravity 2 (berry) - T-Mobile
* Samsung Solstice - AT&T
* LG Xenon (red) - AT&T
* Global AirCard (G2) - Verizon
* Samsung Rogue - Verizon
* LG Chocolate Touch - Verizon
* Samsung u450 Intensity - Verizon
* Samsung Omnia 2 - Verizon
* BlackBerry Tour - (new shipment, Sprint)


Don't get too excited, the Chocolate Touch isn't the weirdo LG BL40 we saw earlier, but some other touchscreen Chocolate entry. But this is a nice development, since we were lacking release dates on several of these phones (including the AMOLED-packing Samsung Omnia 2) and this leak answers those questions. [Boy Genius Report]