Best Grandpa Ever Built a Private Miniature Disneyland in His Backyard

It’s not just the $100 ticket prices that make the magic kingdom seem slightly less magical—there’s also the crowds, long lines, and gift shops that are impossible to avoid. So Steve Dobbs, a retired aeronautical engineer, built his own private version of Disneyland in his backyard called Dobbsland, complete with a Frozen-themed ride and a roller coaster.

Dobbs’ grandkids are free to ride the tiny park’s handful of attractions all day long, and he never even has to dress up like Mickey Mouse to keep them entertained. And because Dobbsland is private and doesn’t charge admission, there’s also little worry that Disney’s lawyers will come knocking one day—unless they’re just there to ride that awesome tiny coaster.


[The Orange County Register via Nerd Approved]

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