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Best HD Discs of the Year

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With the HD Disc war hitting the 6 month mark, it's good to know where we stand on high quality content. Here's a list of top and bottom discs, as rated by High Def Digest. Their criteria includes A/V quality, extras, and replayability. Here are their picks, alphabetically.


•Batman Begins (HD-DVD)
•The Bourne Supremacy (HD-DVD)
•Casablanca (HD-DVD)
•The Devil Wears Prada (Blu-Ray)
•Hulk (HD-DVD)
•Mission: Impossible III (HD-DVD and Blu-ray)
•Ray (HD-DVD)
•Superman Returns (HD-DVD and Blu-ray)
• V for Vendetta (HD-DVD)
•World Trade Center (HD-DVD and Blu-ray)

THE BEST (AND WORST) OF 2006 [High Def Digest]

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It's clear their criteria wasn't movie quality.

The worst part of owning a HD player (BluRay) is the list of movies available is so lousy. HD-DVD is slightly better, but it's still very depressing.

Why the h*** isn't Cars out on BluRay?